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Open Letter to MPs

November 2020

Dear Leicestershire MPs

Thank you for the replies, from many Leicestershire MPs, to a previous letter from the European Movement in which you provided assurance of your confidence in the government to deliver a comprehensive free trade deal with the European Union.

The replies included comments such as the following (from Conservative MPs), with which we should like to agree:

Brexit will “define our European and trade policies for years to come”. 

The UK Government is negotiating “a good deal for both sides”.

“Hope a delay won’t be needed.”

“We should continue to trade with the European Union as they are Britain’s largest trading partner”.

“The remaining differences between the two sides can be resolved in time for the end of the transition period.”

Given the magnitude of this issue, it is essential that all MPs hold the government to this commitment to the British people, as stated on page 5 of the 2019 Conservative election manifesto: “Our deal… puts the whole country on a path to a new free trade agreement with the EU. This will be a new relationship based on free trade and friendly cooperation”.

We are just weeks away from the end of the transition period and the government has thus far failed to reach the promised free trade deal with the EU.

Please could all MPs let your constituents know what you have done over the past eleven months to hold the government to this election pledge? Would you please also confirm that you will vote against any form of Brexit which fails to deliver the promised free trade agreement with the EU?

Thank you for showing your commitment on this extremely important issue.



July 2020


Dear Leicestershire MPs


Many thanks to the majority of local MPs who replied to our last open letter or individual constituents saying they supported a deal with the European Union, even though few wanted to extend the transition period.

In 2019 all Conservative MPs pledged to support the PM’s ‘oven-ready’ deal which was not just the Withdrawal Agreement but also the ‘Future Relationship’ Political Declaration. This document commits to a ‘level-playing field’ in order to access non-tariff and non-quota trade.


Anyone voting Conservative in 2019 was supporting a close relationship with the EU, just as the majority of Leave voters in 2016 were voting for ‘the exact same benefits’ and probably the ‘Norway option’ (EFTA) together with ‘the easiest trade deal in history’.


Now travellers are learning what leaving the EU means even with a deal – reduced passport validity; no reciprocal EU healthcare even for UK citizens who have retired to an EU country; visas required if staying in the EU for more than 90 days; pet passport delays; and increased data roaming charges. And, of course, it is much worse for businesses who now have greatly increased red tape added to their EU exporting and importing procedures. 


Without a deal, businesses must cope with tariffs and quotas and an end to ‘just in time’ manufacturingin just 5 months from now. This will specifically impact upon small to medium exporters. UK businesses and farmers are also potentially faced with changes and costs arising from any new US trade deal including a lowering of agricultural food standards.


The European Movement believes that a deal based on the Future Relationship document is essential (barring joining EFTA or a further extension to our single market and customs union membership).


We hope you all agree and will hold the PM and his advisors to account on behalf of your Leicestershire and Rutland constituents.







Dear MP




Whilst there is much concern about Covid-19 and the government’s handling of it, we also have serious concerns about how much worse our economic and political situation will be if the Future Relationship with the EU is not agreed with a good UK-EU deal.   


You might think it’s inappropriate for us to write about Brexit during the current crisis but that is our point.  It is inappropriate for our government to be spending so much time behind the scenes on Brexit rather than agreeing to an extension of the current Transition Period and focussing on the Covid-19 crisis. Polls show the majority of the public wants a delay.


Whatever your views on Brexit, Covid has fundamentally changed the situation and we need to adapt accordingly - let's take a realistic view about what is possible and when. Extending the timeframe for our departure would be met with a sigh of relief by businesses and farmers as well as EU27 citizens, many of whom are frontline NHS and care workers.  


In December much of the electorate voted for an ‘oven-ready’ deal but they only got a Withdrawal Agreement and a Political Declaration outlining the framework for the Future Relationship. Well done to the government for not immediately taking us off the ‘cliff-edge’ but that ‘cliff-edge’ is still a strong possibility at the end of the year for Great Britain (not Northern Ireland).


A ‘Canada deal’ is not on the table and the government’s so-called ‘Australian deal’ is just code for ‘no deal’ and could mean we try to depend on a US agreement demanding we accept lower food standards, poor animal welfare and further privatisation of our NHS. It could also lead to rising food prices, medicine shortages and even riots. A much more authoritarian government could arise.


 So we strongly urge you to support our stance of extending the Transition Period.  


The only other satisfactory option at this point in time would be to accept the EU’s proposed Association Agreement without further negotiations. It is based on the agreed Political Declaration.


If there is no extension and an agreement is not reached, we will crash out of the UK-EU relationship at the end of this year and our economy, our social arrangements and our very way of life will be dramatically affected. 

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