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January 24th 2020





he European Movement is proudly led by the grassroots. Therefore, following the election, we surveyed our membership and activists about what our priorities should be going forward.

The results revealed three central themes about what our next steps should be:

  • Ensuring that European values and standards are maintained
  • Pursuing a close relationship with Europe 
  • Highlighting the impact of Brexit and holding the government to account.  


The European Movement remains committed to building an organization for the future which is worthy of our 70 year history. We will be announcing our next steps in greater detail at the Grassroots for Europe Conference tomorrow and following through over the weeks ahead. 

Our central objective is and always has been to promote a close relationship with our European partners. We recognize, of course, that the Government has a mandate to implement Brexit, but we continue to believe the policy to be a profound national mistake. Therefore, we will exercise our democratic right to campaign, at both national and local levels, for the UK to retain strong ties with the European Union and its member states. 

In keeping with the results of the survey, we will fight for as close a relationship with the EU as possible and to ensure that European values are upheld in law. We will show why we believe that a policy of alignment of rights and standards with the rest of Europe would offer better economic and social prospects to the British people. 

We will, for example, support full British participation in European programmes which:

- Address the global climate emergency

- Support economic and social development in low income countries

- Promote exchanges between European universities

Brexit is clearly now going to happen, but the European Movement will seek to expose its consequences – and hold to account those responsible. 

Please join us as we take this next step.



January 22nd 2020


The European Movement UK was founded in 1949 and is not going away! Whilst Brexit will be happening and People's Vote might rebrand, our movement in the UK and across the wider Europe remains strong.

One job for us is to watch Brexit and keep people informed. The European Movement will be holding Boris Johnson and his government to account.

Over the last week:

All three parliamentary assemblies in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have voted against the Withdrawal Agreement.  

The cost of the UK's vote to leave the EU reached £130 billion, with an estimated £70 billion likely to be added by the end of 2020.

MEPs raised serious concerns about the rights of EU citizens after Brexit.

300 jobs were lost due to Brexit at Car parts factory Antolin Interiors in Kent and JLR have announced more job losses.

🇬🇧 🇪🇺

Yet the media was obsessed with Big Ben and Meghan!

In a moving speech from German MEP Terry Reintke:

"I know that even with this movement that is unique in European history, it has not been possible to put this decision back to the people. But these demonstrations and all the signs and all the tweets and all your votes there were not in vain. You built something absolutely beautiful over the past years and this is the largest pro-European citizens’ movement that we have seen, and we will build on that."

Yes we must do it!

Meetings are taking place within various pro-EU UK groups to think about the future and many of you will have been consulted.

One large meeting will take place on 25 January but is full now. The Grassroots for Europe conference on the future of the pro-European movement will include a speech from European Movement chair Stephen Dorrell about some exciting projects that our movement will be undertaking this year.

We shall keep you informed both here and through our Facebook closed group 'Leicestershire & Rutland Branch European Movement' which you are welcome to join.